An App for the forensic documentation of injuries, scars, scenes, health assessments, and other events, such as traffic accidents

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ForensiDoc® is an App that provides forensic documentation of injuries, scars, scenes of crime, health assessments, and other events, such as traffic accidents. It is applicable to a wide variety of other settings where accurate, timely data capture is required. The documentation provided by ForensiDoc® is contemporaneous, almost instantaneous and can generate a standardised report appropriate for hard copy print out immediately. It has been designed to allow simple capture of all relevant information and outputting it as an editable Word document with accompanying hand-drawn diagrams, images, audio and video files. The App uses the drawing, camera and video and audio recording functions of the device being used.

It is intended for use primarily by and forensic and healthcare practitioners who may be working independently or in a range of settings, both inside and outside. ForensiDoc® can also be used by those without specific health, scientific, forensic, legal or technical knowledge to record data in settings (such as road traffic collisions, witnessing possible criminal incidents) where immediacy and accuracy of recording are needed, for possible later use. It may be used with a ForensiGraph®. It may be of use to a variety of other professionals, such as surveyors, architects, veterinarians, the military, those working in law enforcement (such as police or prison officers). The information captured by ForensiDoc® may then be available for use as evidence in a variety of legal, judicial and tribunal settings.

Data Capture

  • Data is entered in text or radio-button format. Completion of a number of fields are compulsory (identified by orange buttons). Each piece of data entered is required to be saved before proceeding to the next field.

  • The App allows capture of hand-drawn body diagrams (onto standard templates); For the healthcare professional a range of standardised, validated scoring systems are incorporated to assist in assessing assorted health conditions including mental health, head injury, drug dependence and alcohol dependence.

  • The App can capture data about injuries, scenes, implements, locations, damage to property, geo-locating and accurately timing it.


  • Is my data secure?

    Your data is stored on the device only unless you generate a report, in which case the data is encrypted and securely transferred to the server to generate the report. After the report has been generated and transferred securely back to the device the data is deleted on the server

  • Where are my data stored?

    Your data is stored on the device only except for the generation of a report.

  • Do I need to have access to the Internet to use the App?

    Only to generate a report. You can freely use the app without an internet connection to collect and store the evidence.

  • Can I recover data if I lose my device?

    If you have an iTunes backup of your device you can restore the application data up to that point in time.

  • Is there a limit to the number of cases I can record via the App?

    No, it's only limited by you device storage.